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J.R. Smith is in a much better situation today than he was six months ago. If the Knicks hadn't decided to trade him to the Cavaliers back in January, he'd be sitting at home right now instead of preparing to play in Game 1 of the 2015 NBA Finals. But despite this, it sounds like he's still salty about the way the Knicks decided to go about getting rid of him.

The New York Post asked Smith if he feels like the Knicks "discarded" him like a piece of garbage. And he revealed that that's pretty much exactly how he feels at the moment.

"Absolutely," he told the Post. "To hear I was a throw-in to the trade just to get you off the books and for us to go over there and thrive, I think that's absolutely how I feel."

It's hard to blame Smith for feeling that way. After all, he was pretty much given away in the deal because of his current contract. But things worked out for Smith in the end. And isn't that all that should matter to him?

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