If a guy walked up to you—a famous guy—and said, "Hey, I'd love for you to date my daughter," what would you do? Say no? Not likely. You'd probably pull your phone out, put Google to good use, and then make your decision. It's 2015, and we'd expect nothing less.

But earlier today, golfer Jordan Spieth revealed that he took a different approach  when Caitlyn Jenner—then known as Bruce Jenner—asked him if he wanted to date her daughter Kendall Jenner awhile back. Spieth didn't even consider it. According to ESPN's Jason Sobel, he told Jenner that he didn't know who Kendall was and turned down his offer:

Seriously, man? That quickly? We could understand if you said something like, "I don't want to have anything to do with a Jenner." That would sorta make sense. But to just come right out and turn Kendall down without even hitting a search engine? That's borderline disrespectful.

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[via Busted Coverage]