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At the beginning of Game One, Warriors majority owner Joe Lacob was seated one seat to the left of Rihanna, and one seat to the right of his fiancee. We can't really show you due to usage rights, but trust me it happened. I wouldn't lie about something so important. Anyway, later in the game Lacob moved an additional seat to the left with his fiancee taking the space between the two. This led to eagle-eyed social media commenters to wonder if jealousy was rearing it's ugly head, but Lacob squashed those rumors by insisting the move was his call because Rihanna just couldn't/wouldn't stop pulling for LeBron and the Cavs:

Clearly moving over one seat would fix that problem. Lacob also wanted to state for the record that her tickets were paid for on her dime, not Golden State's:

[via @ChatSports]

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