Last week, Jimmy Kimmel used a bunch of bandwagon Warriors fans to create his latest "Lie Witness News" segment. He even got one guy to talk—at length!—about LeBron James' plan to change his name to "Michael Jordan" (really, dude?). So to make things fair, Kimmel sent the "Lie Witness News" crew out to speak with Cavaliers fans, too, and, as you'd expect, he got another batch of really ridiculous questions and answers out of it.

One guy in particular believed a story about the Cavs signing LeBron James' cousin "Kevin James" (sigh) and said that he thought it was a good idea because he was hoping Kevin would be as good as LeBron. He didn't have a smile on his face when he said it, but we seriously hope he was kidding.

There's no way NBA fans are actually this dumb, right?

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