Kobe Bryant didn't go to college after he graduated from high school in 1996. He thought long and hard about it—according to him, he had his sights set on attending North Carolina, just like you-know-who—but he ultimately decided to skip college and go straight to the pros. We'd say it worked out pretty well for him, too.

However, according to a woman named Amy Piller who helped put together the video above for SB Nation, Kobe was pretty conflicted over what to do back in '96. He was apparently so conflicted that he asked Piller, then 10, for her opinion on it after the two crossed paths aboard a train. We don't want to spoil Piller's story, but she revealed that she tried really hard to convince Kobe to go to college.

Check out the video to hear her talk about what happened when she met Kobe. We wonder if he remembers talking to her.

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[via SB Nation]