Iconic match: Team Dusty vs. The Four Horsemen, The Great American Bash 1987

Why hasn’t WWE brought back WarGames? The best thing to ever come out of WCW (sorry, nWo), WarGames pits two large teams against each other in a staggered entry format, with two men starting the match, while the others file in every two minutes. Sounds pretty cool already, but then you take into account the WarGames structure: two rings next to each other, all inside a giant steel cage. Oh, and you can’t be pinned; you have to submit or just surrender to your opponent in order to lose.

A relic of a lost time, the WarGames match hasn’t been used in WCW/WWE since 1997, mostly (one would assume) for the logistics around placing two rings in the middle of arenas that might not be able to fit them. Bullshit, we say. It seems like another case of Vince McMahon not wanting to give WCW credit for doing something awesome, which is a shame. A WarGames main event in 2015 would be fascinating, not just for the sheer spectacle, but because it calls back to a more brutal era, when laying down for a "1, 2, 3" was a luxury not afforded its combatants.

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