As we told you yesterday, Floyd Mayweather is doing just fine when it comes to his finances. According to Forbes, he made about $300 million over the last 12 months—or approximately FIVE times as much as LeBron James made. So he doesn't really need to worry about making more money.

But according to TMZ Sports, that's exactly what he's after right now. Back in January, Mayweather bought a Ferrari Enzo for $3.2 million. Prior to him taking ownership of it, it was owned by the Shiekh of Abu Dhabi. But now, after putting less than 200 miles on the car, Mayweather is putting the Enzo back out on the market and trying to get $3.8 million for it. And chances are, he's going to get it.

He's already got that $3.8 million earmarked, though. TMZ Sports is also reporting that, once he sells the super car, he's going to turn around and buy two more luxury rides with the money. Which is good because, you know, what's he going to drive once he gets rid of the Enzo? Oh, wait. That's right.

SMH. How many cars does one guy really need? Scroll down to see a few photos of the Enzo that Mayweather is going to get rid of soon.