First things first: You should NOT run on to the field during an MLB game or any other professional sporting event. It's dumb, it's unsafe, and it's going to end with you getting arrested and paying a massive fine. So please, don't do it.

If you choose to ignore us, though, and you decide to do it anyway, do it like this MLB fan did during a Mariners/Angels game on Sunday. He jumped on to the field, eluded security for nearly one full minute, threw a pitch, and then essentially gave himself up at the end as a bunch of tired guards gave chase. And if he hadn't done that, there's a good chance he would still be running, because those guards had no chance of catching him otherwise.

Again, don't do this. For as impressive as it was, the guy is going to pay the price for doing it. But if you're going to follow his lead, learn something from what he did.

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