Things Dwight Howard should be worried about right now:

  1. Getting 100 percent healthy in the offseason
  2. Helping the Rockets improve as a team
  3. Finding a way to remove the Based God's Curse from James Harden.

Things Dwight Howard should not be worried about right now:

  1. Finding a new nickname

Unfortunately, though, it sounds like Howard is focused on the wrong thing at the moment. According to TMZ Sports, he is currently having some work done on his 2015 Dodge Challenger SRT Hellcat. He's adding a bunch of superhero branding to it and giving it a whole new look. But he's not using his "Superman" alter ego on the car. Instead, he's using "The Flash" as the inspiration for his car and, according to the owner of 713 Motoring in Houston, he's doing it because he wants to steal, er, "adopt" Dwyane Wade's old "Flash" nickname (which D-Wade did away with in 2010) and make it his own.

"When he came to the Rockets, he wanted a change," the owner told TMZ Sports. "He said he no longer wanted to be called Superman. He is now Flash out here in Houston."

The car—which cost Howard more than $60,000—is nice enough. But why is Howard so concerned about his nickname? Doesn't he have more important things to worry about like, oh, we don't know, actually becoming a champion next season?

Check out some shots of the Challenger below.