If you're a Clippers fan, then you probably hate Donald Sterling with a passion. But believe it or not, something that Doc Rivers just said is going to make you hate him even more.

During a radio interview on Wednesday, Rivers implied that, back in 2013, Sterling shot down at least two big trades that the Clippers attempted to make. Unfortunately, Rivers didn't say which players were involved in the trades or which teams the Clippers were trying to do business with, but he did say that the trades would shock people if he ever made them public.

"This is really only my third year but you can make a case this is our second year, if you know what I'm saying," he said on The Beast 980. "If I someday wrote a book and told you a couple of the trades we had in the first year that we didn't do because of other reasons, you would fall off your chair."

Rivers is a great coach and all, but can the Clippers fire him, like, now? We want him to write that book so we can find out which trades he's talking about! As if Clippers fans need another reason to hate Sterling...

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[via Eye on Basketball]