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Oh, Darnell Dockett said something offensive on social media? You don't say!

Remember the times he used Twitter to hit on AJ McCarron's then-girlfriend Katherine Webb? Or what about that time he tried to tell a joke on Twitter but offended Asians and then refused to apologize for it? Or how about the time he responded to a woman on Facebook who complained about giving a crappy tip by calling her an "ungrateful fucker"? Or the distasteful comment he made about President Barack Obama's daughter Malia on Instagram? Did we miss any? We probably did. But we didn't miss his latest social media blunder.  

Earlier today, Dockett posted the following image on Instagram and make sure you read that comment, too: 

For starters, the image was taken from a story in First to Knowwhich is kind of ironic—from Jan. 27, 2014! Then, there's his completely uncalled for comment, but this is Dockett we're talking about, so what's new? 

Someone seriously needs to tell this guy to stay off of social media...forever.

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[via dockett90]