Is Carmelo Anthony happy about the fact that the Knicks drafted foreign player Kristaps Porzingis last week? Hmmm…It depends on who you ask.

NBA reporters like Stephen A. Smith have said that Melo is not happy with the direction Phil Jackson decided to go in during the 2015 NBA Draft. Porzingis is an NBA project and, because Melo wants to win now, he's not the ideal rookie to be joining the Knicks roster. However, Melo himself took to Instagram over the weekend to defend the pick. And when he was approached by TMZ Sports last night, he doubled down on what he said on IG and talked about how he loves Porzingis and his potential.

"I really love him," he told TMZ Sports. "I feel him. I'm gonna get with him tomorrow."

Are you buying what Melo is selling here, or do you think he's still secretly pissed about the pick Jackson made?

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[via TMZ Sports]