Ohio State quarterback Cardale Jones spent last night doing the same thing that a lot of sports fans did—tweeting about Game 1 of the 2015 NBA Finals. Jones is a Cleveland fan, so he sent out a bunch of tweets like this:

But at one point, Jones also sent out a series of offensive tweets about female sports fans. He said that "98.99 percent" of them pick a favorite team based on the color of that team's uniform and then tried to soften the sting of that comment by saying that he appreciates a woman who knows her sports:

And while he deleted the tweets a short time later, some people were obviously upset about them. Jones didn't apologize for them, though. Instead, he sent out this:

Then, he seemed to claim that someone else had sent out the tweets from his account:

And finally, he sent this out:

This wasn't necessarily the worst social media fail we've seen from an athlete. But are you buying Jones' story? Either way, this guy continues to make strange decisions when it comes to using his Twitter account.

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[via @LostLettermen]

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