When the Chicago Bears hired general manager Ryan Pace and head coach John Fox, Brandon Marshall knew that it would be in his best interest to pursue another team. So, in order for the 31-year-old wide receiver to get the most out of his remaining years in the league, Marshall looked over his options, spoke with other quarterbacks who were in need of pass catchers and ultimately pushed for a trade to join the New York Jets.  

Wait. So, Marshall wanted to join the Jets because of Geno Smith, the quarterback who has thrown 34 interceptions in 30 career games? During their initial conversations while he was still a member of the Bears, the 10-year pro wideout says he was "shocked at the intelligence" and "didn't know his football IQ was so high." From that moment on, Marshall was smitten with the idea of playing with Gang Green. "This is a real opportunity, we have a great defense, great pieces on offense," he said. "If we can come together and gel, we may not be the best in Year 1, but if we can be effective and not turn over the ball, we can be in every game."

This isn't the first time Marshall has talked up his quarterback. Maybe it's just Brandon being Brandon. Or maybe, he sees something in Geno that no one else is seeing. Either way, we're definitely not rushing to have him on our fantasy football roster any time soon.

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