You lose a little sympathy for New York Knicks fans once you realize that not only did they choose to root for the Knicks, but that they are willing to stick with the annually ailing team. They can choose to cheer for someone else to save themselves the pain; the Nets at least offer the hope to see four more games each season.

Carmelo Anthony also made the choice to stick with the Knicks, but unlike fans, he's contractually obligated to show up. The match is fitting, though. Anthony and the Knicks are kind of like kindred spirits in how they both keep making tons of money while well on their way to being washed.

That sort of bad luck/curse has followed Anthony since the days he was rocking braids. There's not much positive you can say about having Allen Iverson on your squad and somehow never making it past the first round—mostly because The Answer no longer had the answers. Carmelo Anthony has never had a lot of help, and as you can surmise from the title, Allen Iverson wasn't the only great who left their greatness behind when they joined Melo. Let's look at the rest. Sadly, these are The 10 Best Players Carmelo Anthony Ever Played With.