Asante Samuel played 11-years in the NFL, making four Pro Bowls, one All-Pro team, as well as compiling millions of dollars doing so (signing deals through free agency with both the Eagles and Falcons). Now he's got to find an outlet for that money and the route he chose is the rap game, recently founding his own record company (Eighties Nation). On what inspired him to start the label, Moore told TMZ Sports:

"I saw it as a way to help people get out of our hood and give them jobs and a way to stay out of jail."

Samuel already has inked a few rappers to his label, but he has his eye on former teammate and current Atlanta defensive back William Moore, saying if Moore were serious about a post-football rap career he'd have a spot at Eighties Nation:

"I would sign Will Moore when his playing days are over if he's serious about it."

Is there any chance of that actually becoming a reality? Obviously we'd need to know some additional info, but here's Moore dropping a freestyle back in 2012 just to give you a taste:

[via TMZ Sports]

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