It seems like playing alongside Alex Rodriguez would be awful. The guy has a terrible reputation around the league thanks to all of the performance-enhancing drug allegations made against him in recent years. And it's gotta get old when reporters are constantly asking you questions about A-Rod doing stuff like this.

It sounds like A-Rod does have some redeeming qualities that make him a good teammate, though. For example, MLB Network analyst Harold Reynolds just revealed that, for the last 11 years, A-Rod has made a habit out of buying three suits for every rookie that joins the Yankees roster. It doesn't matter if they're a prized prospect or some guy who just got called up out of desperation to fill in for an injured player. A-Rod hooks him up:

Granted, A-Rod does have more than enough money to do stuff like this for his young teammates. But still, it's a nice gesture on his part.

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