Whenever you have to write these things, you get like 10 seconds to brainstorm so everything's got to be instant. That being said I don't know whether to say "Congrats" or "Well Done" or what for this because it's anybody's guess how many of A-Rod's 3000 hits are products of a syringe/tablet/gummy/whatever (my personal guess would be a lot).

Still, 3,000 hits is more than worthy of a half-assed acknowledgment. It's just tough to get worked up when one of the last remnants (if not the last) of the "Steroid Era" continues to achieve milestones. Despite the decisions he made to get him to his 3,000th hit, Rodriguez became the 29th player (out of 18,000+) to hit the mark, and the third to do so with a home-run (Derek Jeter also did it at Yankee Stadium in 2011).

Many wondered how the crowd would react to A-Rod reaching the inevitable achievement, and they answered that question by screaming wildly and then giving the once-future-Hall-of-Famer a curtain call.

We'll have a better video for you when one becomes available.


Better video via MLB.com:

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