Even though the Houston Rockets were able to extend the Western Conference Finals to a Game 5 following a masterful performance from James Harden, the odds were stacked against them. During the NBA regular season, the Golden State Warriors were 39-2 at home. Add Lil B, who was in attendance after calling out Harden for stealing his cooking dance, in the equation and you can understand why Golden State is headed to the NBA Finals to face the Cleveland Cavaliers after defeating the Rockets tonight, 104-90. 

Following a 45-point game on Monday, Harden threw up an absolute egg tonight, scoring 14 points on 2/11 shooting and setting a new playoff record for turnovers in a game with 13. Say what you want about The Based God Curse, but Harden had arguably the worst game in his career with Lil B in the arena. 

While the Warriors have to be excited about making their first Finals appearance since 1975, they will also need to focus on using this week before Game 1 to ensure that their team is at 100 percent. Klay Thompson took a knee from Trevor Ariza to the head and admitted to feeling dizzy once the game came to an end after having some initial trouble hearing ESPN's Doris Burke

In the fourth quarter, Andre Iguodala took a hard shot from Dwight Howard and immediately started nursing his shoulder.

No word yet on what injury Iguodala sustained on the play. Barring any serious damage to either Thompson and/or Iguodala, the Warriors should be at full strength and ready to go on June 4.  

And to think, this could've possibly been avoided if Harden just acknowledged The Based God. 

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