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Unlike Jameis Winston, Oregon quarterback Marcus Mariota was linked to a couple of different franchises through mock drafts (and mock draft trades). Some had him going to the Titans, or the Jets, or even falling to the Bears, with rumors being reported that the Browns were reportedly interested in the services of the 2014 Heisman Winner (due largely to the lack of production/development of the 2012 Heisman Winner.)

Then, of course, there were all the links to the reconnecting of Mariota to the man who recruited him in college, former Oregon (and current Eagles coach) Chip Kelly. The man who knows Mariota's skillset the most was interested in bringing Marcus across the country to Philly to run his offense. That should tell you a lot. The only thing that would/should make you second guess grabbing Mariota this high was Mel Kiper saying he'd "definitely take [him] here."

But now it's official (oh wait, unless he somehow gets dealt in a post-draft trade) the best college football player of last season is heading to Tennessee to helm the Titans. Just like Winston (and all these picks, really) it'll take years to decide if Mariota is a success, a bust, or somewhere in-between.

But hey, it's fun for a night.

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