So here's what happened yesterday in a sport you (likely) don't follow on the other side of the globe. Korbin Sims of some team you've never heard of (the Newcastle Knights) grabbed the dick of another team you've never heard of's (the Manly Warringah Sea Eagles) "Big" Willie Mason, in a gesture that seemed to faze nobody. We're not sure if this is the National Rugby League's equivalent of a high-five, but if it is, Mason just left Sims hanging.

Which is not cool.

Afterward Mason was asked about the gesture, which he laughed off, because clearly you could already infer from the above video that he's a pretty laid-back dude:

"Offended? Please. I think it’s hilarious. I hope he doesn’t [get charged for the incident] because me and Korbin are really good mates and I think it was unlucky because of the timing of it all."

He later added:

"It’s just two good teammates from the last three years having a good old ... just having a good reacquaintance.”

Feel free to interpret that last one however you want.

[via YouTube, The Guardian]

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