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The ongoing saga that began this morning with both Michelle Beadle, working for HBO, and CNN's Rachel Nichols tweeting out that they had been denied credentials to cover Mayweather-Pacquiao, presumably because of their unfavorable coverage of Floyd, has taken another turn.

Sports Illustrated's Richard Deitsch has the latest on the situation, and Mayweather's publicist Kelly Swanson is denying ever revoking credentials of the two reporters.

Asked directly by Bonnie Bernstein of Campus Insiders to clarify her comments—“Kelly, you're saying Rachel Nichols/Michelle Beadle falsely claimed credentials were revoked?—Swanson said, “Yes, that is what I am saying. They have credentials and still have them.”

Dietsch then reached out to Beadle, who flat out calls Swanson a liar.

"There are emails," Beadle said. "They lie. It's their job. But I was banned."

Then there's this from ESPN's Jeremy Schaap:

Per source, Mayweather promotions blocked Beadle last night. Top Rank appealed to Moonves, who had decision reversed at about 1030 pm.

— Jeremy Schaap (@JeremySchaap) May 2, 2015

Also, source says Nichols was blocked, decision also reversed, but she now won't go.

— Jeremy Schaap (@JeremySchaap) May 2, 2015

Swanson is now blaming Nichols' situation on a "misunderstanding," a classic word that means absolutely nothing, but Schaap reports that Nichols will not be attending the fight regardless. 

Beadle tweeted that HBO was able to get her re-credentialed, but it is unclear if she will be covering the fight or not, as she flew home to Los Angeles on Friday night from Las Vegas. 

The saga continues. 

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