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It must be difficult for Mark Jackson to watch how successful the Golden State Warriors have been this season. Following a 2013-14 campaign where he helped lead the Warriors to a 51-31 record before getting bounced in the first round at the hands of the Los Angeles Clippers, Jackson was fired from the team in favor of Steve Kerr

This season, the Warriors look to be a front-runner to represent the Western Conference in the NBA Finals and on occasion, Jackson has to sit on the sidelines and serve as an analyst for ABC and ESPN during the Warriors' magical run. Again, it must be difficult. But, if it is, Jackson isn't showing it. Instead, he's even finding ways to joke about his circumstance. 

While speaking about the San Antonio Spurs getting eliminated in Game 7 of the first round by the Clippers, Jackson jokingly commented on head coach Gregg Popovich's job status: 

Head on over to Bleacher Report to see a clip of Jackson's comment. 

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