That's a tweet from two years ago. And it's still true today because neither Kobe nor MJ have been in the playoffs since 2012. Want another crazy stat? According to ESPN Stats & Info, LeBron and Michael have made the same amount of playoff buzzer-beaters in their career: three. Kobe has one playoff buzzer-beater: Game 4 of the Western Conference first round against the Suns. In 11 attempts, James has six makes to Jordan's five.

Mind-blowing, right? 

Since 1997, LeBron is 8-20 with 24 seconds or less in the fourth quarter/overtime of playoff games, good for second place in terms of makes and field goal percentage:

Michael was 9-18:

"But what about Kobe?" Butthurt Kobe stans ask. Your leader is a very inefficient 7-28.

A 2011 article on broke down 25 of those shots:

The ring conversation is a very valid argument until you remember that LeBron is still in the prime of his career, is the best basketball player in the game, and needs three rings to catch Kobe. Are you willing to bet against him? I'm not. And if you are, let's exchange info so I can take your money. Also, Kobe stans, you need to come to grips with the fact that your main man wasn't the main man on his first three championship teams.

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