The video above isn't nearly as dramatic as TMZ Sports made it seem. The way they put together a post about the video, we half expected Khloe Kardashian to jump into the frame at the end of the clip and say, "WE'RE BAAAAAAACK!"

But while that doesn't happen, Lamar Odom does give all of the Lamar/Khloe fans out there (you guys exist, right?) some hope by saying, "Of course," when he's asked if he thinks a reunion with his wife (yes, she's still his wife) could ever take place. He then goes on to say that she's "still my girl."

So if you've been waiting for Lamar and Khloe to reunite, today might just be your lucky day. Check out the clip above to hear the former NBA star talk (very) briefly about Khloe.

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[via TMZ Sports]