The Lakers are going to look to make a lot of noise in the upcoming offseason. They have Kobe Bryant under contract for one more year, and the thought is that they're going to sign at least one or two big-name players this summer in order to make a run at a championship in 2016. But who are those one or two players going to be?

One will probably be Rajon Rondo, who wore out his welcome with the Mavericks after getting traded to Dallas earlier this season. And the other might be Bulls star Jimmy Butler. Obviously, no one knows the Lakers' plans for sure. But RealGM is reporting that Los Angeles is planning to offer a contract to Butler, who will be a restricted free agent in July.

The Bulls would, of course, get the chance to match whatever offer the Lakers potentially make to Butler. But it'll be interesting to see how Butler's situation plays out once Chicago's season ends.

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