There was a chance that the Lakers weren't going to get to keep their pick in this year's NBA Draft. If they would have fallen to the sixth or seventh pick in the draft lottery, they would have had to send their selection to the 76ers because of a previous trade. That didn't happen, though, as the Lakers climbed all the way into the top three and eventually landed the No. 2 pick. It means they'll likely draft either Karl Anthony-Towns or Jahlil Okafor and solidify their frontcourt for years to come.

That's great news, right? Especially for Kobe Bryant. He'll get to play one final season in Los Angeles alongside last year's first-round pick Julius Randle and a top-notch rookie. But rather than celebrate the Lakers' good fortune last night, Kobe took one last opportunity to skewer his team for playing so poorly this season after the Lakers were awarded the No. 2 pick:

Oh, Kobe. NEVER CHANGE! What a way to respond to the best news the Lakers have received in a long time.

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