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Ray Rice's wife Janay Rice does not have Twitter. We discovered this back in October 2014 when she wrote, "I've never had Twitter page nor will I ever," on Instagram after whoever started the @JanayRice Twitter account began responding to photos of Ray Rice-inspired Halloween costumes. The Baltimore Sun published an entire story about it.

Despite this, a lot of peoples' jaws dropped very early this morning when the person who runs the account used it for the first time since January to send out this tweet about the Floyd Mayweather/Manny Pacquiao fight:

A joke about the infamous elevator incident that took place between the Rices? Yikes:

Fortunately, though, that tweet did not come from Janay. That doesn't make it any less shocking. But we're obviously glad that Janay isn't going to be back in the news again for doing something like this.

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