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As a rule of thumb when it comes to Twitter, do not jokingly bring up the tragedy of the September 11th attacks. It was the largest attack on American soil, killing nearly 3,000 people. It has never been and never will be a laughing matter. 

Last night, Twitter user Adam Johnson posted the following tweet with the caption, "Twin Towers," referencing the heights of Kelvin Benjamin (6'5") and the Carolina Panthers' 41st overall pick Devin Funchess (6'4"). 

Former member of the Panthers, Greg Hardy saw the tweet as an opportunity to take a shot at his former team with a terrible response, referencing 9/11. 

To make matters worse, Hardy got defensive about the tweet, responding to people who were pointing out his idiotic comment. 

Eventually, Hardy apologized for his tweet. 

Upon hearing about the tweet, Cowboys owner Jerry Jones said: 

"We will address that and we'll just leave it at that. We all know that we're living in a time now that you don't allude or use examples that socially ... are just out of step or bad taste. Those are some of the kinds of things it's good to be able to have a good line of communication with players and address and work on."

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