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Right now Floyd Mayweather is the world champ at both the Welterweight and Super Welterweight classes, as well as the proprietor of five different title belts. But at some point between the end of tomorrow through the next couple of weeks, those statements will no longer be true. That's because Mayweather said humble bragged last night that he'd be willing to give up the titles so another fighter can have one, saying:

"I don't know if it will be Monday or maybe a couple weeks. I'll talk to my team and see what we need to do. Other fighters need a chance. Give other fighters a chance. I'm not greedy."

The one belt he will be keeping is last night's million dollar custom one/this thing right here:

Mayweather has just one fight remaining on his current Showtime contract, if he holds up on his declaration that means the final fight of his career (set to take place in September) won't be for any titles.

Maybe go ahead and save your money on that one.

[via ESPN]

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