The Warriors were happy to have Floyd Mayweather in the building during Golden State's Game 5 victory against the Grizzlies last night. We know this because they actually welcomed him to Oracle Arena on Twitter:

However, Warriors fans were not quite as welcoming. At one point during the game, Mayweather's mug was plastered across the JumboTron to give Golden State fans the opportunity to applaud the undefeated boxing champion. But they didn't do that. Instead, they booed him:

Fortunately, Mayweather didn't seem to mind. At all. He actually looked like he enjoyed the boo birds coming out and smiled when he realized what was happening:

But do you know who really loved to see Mayweather getting booed? Not surprisingly, Manny Pacquiao fans. Or more specifically, Manny Pacquiao fans with a Filipino background. A quick search of "Mayweather boo" on Twitter reveals that there were a lot of Filipino people, including some in the Philippines, who took to the social media site to comment on Mayweather getting booed at the game. Just see below (you can use this translator if you want to see exactly what the tweets say, but we think you'll get the picture after seeing some variation of "HAHAHA" in most of them). They really enjoyed this.