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Earlier this week, on the back of a feature we ran on how the NBA is pushing its social media teams to more engaging heights, the Houston Rockets fired their social media coordinator for overstepping the bounds of what the organization deems "in good taste." Essentially, he was fired over violent horse emoji usage, although many more sects of Twitter were quite offended by this tweet:

And for that, Chad Shanks, the man who pressed send on that tweet, was fired. In the fallout, much of the sports blogosphere has backed Shanks while criticizing the Rockets for their soft backbone. ESPN's Dan LeBatard reiterated that on his radio show yesterday, having Shanks on to discuss the situation further. LeBatard tried to play P.I. and find out the name of the executive who fired Shanks—a "coward," as LeBatard called him—but Shanks politely rebuffed the mock investigation. 

Shanks didn't leave the segment with a "good luck, sorry about what happened, man" from another well-wisher though. After some negotiation, LeBatard went ahead and offered him a temp job. For $500 (expensed out of LeBatard's own pocket), Shanks will tweet from @LeBatardShow from now until the end of the Floyd Mayweather/Manny Pacquiao fight. 

I'm about to jump on the @LeBatardShow account to start my weekend takeover. He is unbelievably trusting.

— Chad Shanks (@chadjshanks) April 30, 2015

Best of @LeBatardShow @Stugotz790 fmr Rockets social media mgr Chad Shanks will run Dan's twitter account & #NFLDraft

— ESPN Radio (@espnradio) May 1, 2015

We'd say that LeBatard is getting a helluva deal here. By our rankings, Shanks was apart of a Top 10 social media operation at the Rockets, and with the bevy of sporting events happening this Saturday—the Kentucky Derby, Spurs/Clippers Game 7, the Fight—having an experienced, skilled hand pumping out content for his account is a smart move.

Here's how Shanks is tweeting so far: 

This is @chadjshanks, starting my takeover. Looking for emojis that correspond w/ @nfl teams for the #NFLDraft, but will avoid the Broncos.

— Dan Le Batard Show (@LeBatardShow) April 30, 2015

Amari, you're going to be drafted... -Great, can't wait to be on that stage!- by the Raiders. -I'll just watch from the house.- - CS

— Dan Le Batard Show (@LeBatardShow) May 1, 2015

Would love to see Gregg Popovich create a Twitter account, get it verified, then never Tweet a thing. Just to prove a point. - CS

— Dan Le Batard Show (@LeBatardShow) May 1, 2015

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