The Pittsburgh Penguins have been out of the NHL Playoffs for weeks now. So in theory, they shouldn't be making headlines for anything. But they are, and it's because, somehow, the team just found a way to lose…in the offseason.

Yesterday, whoever runs the Discovery Channel's Twitter account sent out this tweet:

And about 400 people were interested enough in that fact to retweet it. Whoever runs the @penguins account decided to try and have some fun at @Discovery's expense, though, by sending out this tweet:

Ha ha ha. We see what you did there, guys. But the Discovery Channel's social media team didn't seem to appreciate that comment. So they fired back with this earlier today:

And yooooooooooo, Penguins, did you really just catch an L from THE DISCOVERY CHANNEL?! This is why the NBA is winning when it comes to social media and the NHL isn't.

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[via Eye on Hockey]

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