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His almost buzzer-beater gave the Clippers access to the second round (seen above in thrilling picture form), but it appears that his tender hamstring will keep him out of the first game of it. That's the reality for Chris Paul, who is unlikely to suit up for L.A. tomorrow night in their Conference semifinal opener against the Rockets.

Doc Rivers praised his point guard's gritty mentality after yesterday's slight-heart-pounding-turned-into-cardiac-arrest inducing thriller, saying about him "[he's] just a tough kid. He's a street fighter. I mean, he really is. I love him to death because of his will." He then expressed skepticism that Paul would be healthy by Monday evening.

That's the problem with going seven, there's no time to heal. Let's see if someone else can pick up the slack in the wake of his probable absence.

[via CBS Sports]

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