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Cardale Jones helped Ohio State win the first-ever College Football Playoff title earlier this year. But because the Buckeyes have not one, not two, but three solid quarterbacks at their disposal right now, there's been a lot of speculation about whether or not one or two of them will transfer this offseason. So when Jones took to Twitter a short time ago and sent out this tweet, there were a whole bunch of hearts out there that sank:

Jones then tweeted this:

And this:

And then, he changed his Twitter logo to the University of Akron logo. Life came at OSU fans fast:

Except Jones wasn't done. Once he had OSU fans in a tizzy, he hit them with this:

And while he did catch some serious backlash from people who didn't find his prank funny—lighten up, Buckeye fans!—we have to admit: He got everyone good. Very well played!

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