Everyone has an opinion on Kobe Bryant, don't they? Yesterday, Bucks forward Jared Dudley said that "nobody wants to play with Kobe" and Twitter gave him a funeral for it. As we have learned before, the "Mamba Army" doesn't fuck around.

But for every person that says players don't want to play with Kobe, there are five more out there who say they would love to play with him. Count former Lakers guard Andrew Goudelock as someone who was very thankful for what he learned during his time in Los Angeles. Goudelock played with the Lakers from 2011 to 2013 before moving to play overseas in Turkey.

Bryant was drawn to Goudelock and even gave him the nickname "Mini Mamba." During a recent interview, Goudelock also recalled a memory about the time the Black Mamba took the Lakers to the MGM Grand Hotel in Las Vegas and let his teammates have some fun at his expense.

“Kobe took the Lakers during preseason to the MGM Grand Hotel in Las Vegas and bought the whole top floor for the team,” Goudelock said. “He met us there with his helicopter and was spending all kinds of money on us and let us ball out for the night.”

With Dudley shedding a negative light on Kobe yesterday, it's nice to hear a former teammate coming through and showing the good, almost father-like, side of him. Maybe he's not such a bad teammate after all.

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