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While in Las Vegas for the Fight, Allen Iverson spoke to 94WIP​'s Josh Innes and Tony Bruno. Talking to the local Philadelphia sports talk hosts about his upcoming Showtime documentary Iverson, the Answer was asked about Matt Barnes' strip club story. Last month, Barnes told Sports Illustrated that during his time with the 76ers, he'd see Iverson throw upwards of $30,000 at strip clubs. The paper tossing was so extravagant that Barnes says he would scoop Iverson's dollar bills off the ground for himself. 

Hahahaha @BrianJHaddad

— Josh Innes (@JoshInnesRadio) May 1, 2015

Iverson denied Barnes' claim, but there's no reason to really believe him—his debt-sucking spending habits have been well-documented. 

“I don’t know what Matt is talking about,” said a chuckling Iverson. “I was rich at 21, so ain’t no telling what I may have done, but I know I ain’t do that.”

Catch Iverson on Showtime on May 16 at 9 p.m. 

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