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The Yankees season has become partly a redemption story because of Alex Rodriguez. It helps that he hasn't sucked in his comeback either. He's so far batted five home runs, including a tie breaker that gave the Yankees the 3-2 win over the Red Sox on Friday.

Of course, there's more to it than win No. 14. That home run is Rodriguez's 660th, which ties him with Willie Mays for fourth all time. Third place happens to belong to another Yankee great—Babe Ruth has 54 more home runs.

It was an emotional moment for A-Rod. He said Mays was one of his heroes. Plus, Fenway Park was where he played his first game of MLB baseball in 1994.

"It was very emotional for me," he said to the MLB Network. "The last few years have been rough. To see [his teammates] was pretty emotional."

Many on baseball twitter were unsympathetic, however. This was a moment to fire more shots at Rodriguez.

Right before he threw that pitch to A-Roid, I told my wife he should throw behind his back or hit him. #RedSox #alexrodriguez #RedSoxNation

— Masshole (@HoustonMasshole) May 2, 2015

I just threw up in my mouth. #mlb #redsox #steroids RT @Fox25Sports: Alex Rodriguez has tied Willie Mays with 660 career home runs.

— (@LarrysComics) May 2, 2015

Lusty booing of #Afraud did more to distract Tazawa than anything else. Line drive homerun over the Monster. I hate Alex Rodriguez. #RedSox

— michael cancella (@mlbjunkie1972) May 2, 2015

Stick to your guns @YankeesPR and don't pay #AFraud a dime of that bonus. #Unmarketable

— James H. (@BubbaFV) May 2, 2015

@davidwade tainted record = no respect. Doesnt mean as much #afraud

— laurie kuck (@LaurieKuck) May 2, 2015

#ARoid just hit his 6th career home run. Tying Madison Bumgarner #AFraud #Yankees #RedSox #Giants

— Sean (@Dorbs345MX) May 2, 2015

Nah... that record is safe, cheating doesnt count #WillieMays #AFraud

— Jaid (@jaidredsox) May 2, 2015

Fans could take solace in how the Yankees are deciding not to give Rodriguez the $6 million marketing bonus originally promised on his 660th home run. The Yankees acknowledged it on Twitter, but claimed that Rodriguez's steroids-related suspension made him unmarketable.

With his homer in the 8th inning, @AROD ties Willie Mays with No. 660.

— New York Yankees (@Yankees) May 2, 2015

So there might be a fight ahead, but for now, Rodriguez is No. 4 all-time. Accept it.

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