On a play late in the second quarter of the Cleveland Cavaliers-Atlanta Hawks Game 3 Eastern Conference Finals matchup, Matthew Dellavedova, the Cavaliers equivalent of a basketball-playing squirrel, got pushed in to Al Horford and the two locked arms. Horford dragged Dellavedova down with him then decided to get his WWE on and dropped the People's Elbow on Delly's head. 

Whether it was in retaliation for the Hawks perception that Delly took out Kyle Korver's knee on purpose in Game 2 (which, in this man's humble opinion, is ridiculous) or if Horford thought Delly was coming at his own knees, it doesn't matter. You can't drop an elbow on a dude's head, and Horford was ejected from the game. The Hawks will finish Game 3 without two members of their starting lineup, and Skip Bayless is furious. 

And hey, so is Al Horford's sister!

And you thought things couldn't get worse for the Hawks. 

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[Via Buzzfeed Sports]