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Now look, you're probably not going to believe this, but Adrien Broner got into trouble again. According to TMZ Sports, Broner wasn't arrested, but handcuffed and detained by cops in Las Vegas following an incident which occurred over his dress code.

On Thursday night, Broner and seven people from his entourage went to Tao nightclub inside The Venetian in Las Vegas. After giving the host $11,000 for a table, the 25-year-old boxer and his crew took an escalator to the club. When they reached the top, they interacted with what The Problem's camp is referring to as "an asshole security guard."  

The security guard turned them away because their jeans and shoes failed to meet the dress code. Broner tried pointing that not only were other people also wearing jeans and shoes, but it was hip-hop night with Fabolous scheduled to perform. The security guard still refused to allow them into the club and demanded that they leave. When AB and his posse refused, the cops were called. 

After being taken to a room and held there for 20 minutes, Broner was allowed to leave. Broner and his crew left the hotel shortly thereafter. 

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