Adrian Peterson is still a member of the Vikings, whether he likes it or not. And apparently, he doesn't like it very much. According to a report, Peterson will skip the first week of the Vikings' offseason program, which will result in him missing out on $250,000 in bonuses. I know how you're all feeling:

You have to really not like a place to miss out on $250,000. You probably hate your job, which is why you're reading this post right now, but you still showed up today!

The offseason program is voluntary, so the $250,000 isn't a fine, just a workout bonus he won't receive. But if he skips the mandatory minicamp from June 16 through 18, Peterson could be fined $12,115 for the first day, $24,300 for the second day, and $36,465 for the final day, totaling $72,920 if he skips the entire minicamp.

But, what's a measly $72,920 when you just missed out on an extra $250,000?

Peterson has been mum about the whole situation, but if he decides to skip the offseason program and the mandatory minicamp, his actions will speak louder than words. But still, skipping out on $250,000 is insane, no matter how much money you have.

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[via Pro Football Talk]