This afternoon, Aaron Rodgers bested an astronaut and Mr. Wonderful from Shark Tank in order to take home the $50,000 dollar Celebrity Jeopardy grand prize that will be given to charity because Aaron Rodgers doesn't need $50,000 more dollars. The charity that will benefit from his game show prowess will be Midwest Athletes Against Childhood Cancer. And whilst a lot of people were excited to see Alex Trebek give Rodgers the discount double check belt (which we'll just show you because why the hell not?):

...the best part of the game undoubtedly came when censors forgot to do their own double-check, and Rodgers slipped in an uncensored "fuck" after botching a clue about a fellow Cal student:

Sure sounded like an f-bomb to us. What do you think *turns right* judges?

[via Vine]

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