At Complex Sports, we're aware of the problems that Michael Jordan vs. LeBron James debates can cause. Whenever you walk up on one, whether it's on your timeline or the locker room, the arguments are always scattered, and the conversation disparate. It never amounts to anything more than a contest between two men finding out who can yell NBA facts and stats the fastest and loudest.

But apparently, those knobs who argue for LeBron>>>>>MJ are making an impact in the American sports fan's psyche. According to a poll from Public Policy Polling, 34 percent of NBA fans (1,471 people were surveyed) think that Jordan would beat LeBron in a 1-on-1 game RIGHT FREAKING NOW. 

There's no such division when it comes to who NBA fans think is the best player of all time. 77% pick Michael Jordan on that question to only 14% who think it's LeBron James. In fact despite his being 52 years old, 34% of NBA fans think Jordan could beat James one on one now- as in the year 2015- to just 54% who think James would win despite being in the prime of his career. 

Michael Jordan is a 52-year-old man. He can still ball, yes, but c'mon: LeBron just finished third in the MVP voting. Get a grip, NBA fans. 

You're all nuts. Or, at least 34 percent of you are. 

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[via Ball Don't Lie