The two prostitutes who Warren Sapp hired for oral sex hours after the Super Bowl ended in Phoenix, Ariz. now have their side of the story that lead to Sapp's arrest for solicitation. Yesterday, TMZ Sports released footage of Sapp explain what happened to police—he claims that the two women he hired started fighting after one asked for a tip. He paid $600 for oral sex from them, and wasn't happy about the extra request. In his version of events, one of the women took his phone and threatened to call hotel security if she wasn't tipped, and he chased after her to get it back. He denies assaulting either woman. 

In the above video, published today by TMZ Sports, we get to hear Britney Osbourne and Quying Boyd's perspective. They tell a completely different story. Interviewed separately by police, both prostitutes can be heard saying that Sapp got angry at them (they didn't mention what sparked the argument) and started throwing money. According Boyd, Sapp tackled them together, slamming them onto the ground, with Osbourne hitting her head, and Boyd hurting her leg. 

Sapp faces up to six months in jail for his solicitation charge. 

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[via Black Sports Online