There is a time near the end of every prominent basketball player's career where a fan thinks, "Damn, this dude still plays?" That's unfortunate. It's a question that signifies irrelevancy — that you're existing in a foreign field. It's not an easy question to avoid either. Shaquille O'Neal is one of the greatest players in NBA History. Even he's been asked that question. Hell, some are even popping that question to Kobe Bryant.

Tim Duncan hasn't received the accolades of the prior two, but there's barely anybody wondering what he's still doing on court. The man is still forever swagless, but he still pulls weight. He's 39 years old and still one of the central figures of one of the most dangerous teams in the West—the West!

We're well-aware that rappers wanting to be athletes are a thing. But one of the many connections between the two professions are their short lifespans. You generally don't last more than a decade. Nas dropped Nastradamus, tussled with Jay Z for the King of New York title, and allowed "Oochie Wally" to exist—yet, he's still a relevant persona in hip-hop.

Tim Duncan will dunk on Nas. Nas got the royalties, bars, and free Henny. But they're the same people. Let's explore.