"Know that you're not your mistakes." You've probably heard that coddling, prideful phrase before from elders or wise loved ones in your life. They didn't sing life into it though. This year, it's been re-polished and reverberated out into the mainstream through Kanye's performance of the line in "Only One." I open with this, because of all the "things" here, know that I've been guilty of posting some of them online. (More on that later.) The sports fan I am today is trying to leave a handful of habits in the past. It's time for a spring-time cache scrubbing of my digital sports soul. 

This isn’t all about me though. No, we’re all in this together. When you describe sports fan culture today, much of what immediately comes to mind is based on online interactions between your fellow fan. Your opinion of [insert hated fanbase here] fans may be shaped by some interpersonal experiences, but more likely than not, social media posts and comments sections have done their damage in affirming that yes, sports fans living in Los Angeles, Miami, and Philadelphia are the worst. We're informed by an ever-expanding spectrum, only limited to how much your eyes can take.

While you scroll/swipe/read through this list, you’ll find a few things that you’ve done in the past, or still do to this day. It’s alright—no judgments here. You’re not your mistakes; you know that, Kanye knows that, and ostensibly, Complex knows that. We can move forward into a more enlightened and refreshing age of sports social media by trimming dead ends. Don’t get left behind posting basic yesterday shit. These are 20 Things Sports Fans Need to Stop Posting Online.