As a starting pitcher, Derek Holland only engaged in his pregame ritual once every five days, but when he did, he gorged on enough fast food to hibernate. He no longer indulges in the practice of hitting up Taco Bell or Wendy’s the night before each start. But back when he cared not about his waistline, his typical tab was 30 bucks. Think about what you could get at each of those establishments for $30—scratch that—$10. To demonstrate his lust for the drive-thru, Holland ran off his typical Taco Bell order: “Four cheesy gordita crunches with cool ranch taco shells, a spicy volcano burrito, a chicken quesadilla, and to finish it all off, a caramel apple empanada.” According to his scouting report, Holland’s fastball tops out at 95 mph. Now you know where he gets his gas from.