Since 2005, the company responsible for outfitting every team in Major League Baseball hasn't been Nike. Adidas? Guess again. Founded in Bangor, Pa. in 1976 (and now headquartered in Easton, Pa.), Majestic Athletic is a small-town company that got called up to the bigs in 2000, when they signed their first uniform deals with the Philadelphia Phillies, the Houston Astros, and the Baltimore Orioles. Since then, their superior craft and attention to detail has earned the praise and business of every team in the league. 

What exactly is it about Majestic's quality that makes them stand out from the competition, though? To learn more about it, we had Michael Panuccio and Joe Fisher, the Patterns Manager and the Brand Coordinator for Majestic, stop by the Complex office and fit our Sports team with some custom unis of our own. While measuring Maurice Peebles, Russ Bengtson and myself, Panuccio gave us a step-by-step guide detailing Majestic's form-fitted approach to uniform customization and tailoring.