John Wall did the Dougie during his NBA debut, and Colin Cowherd is never going to get over it. That's life. Cowherd still brings it up from time-to-time (even doing so earlier this week) despite both occasional criticism from colleagues, and the obvious thought of Who gives a shit? Get over it.

In case you've only heard about it (and not actually heard it), here's the original well reasoned argument rant from November 2010:

There is a long and way too drawn out history for this singular event. Basically, there are two conclusions to come to: Either Colin Cowherd is kind of an a-hole (maybe), or this is simply a byproduct of talking sports all day, everyday (probably). Sometimes you harp on meaningless crap because you can't tell what's meaningless anymore (hint: almost everything) and so you drag on and on without any self-reflection.

Tonight, fellow ESPN radio show host Scott Van Pelt took this subtle jab at Cowherd, after Wall finished with 26 points (and dished 17 assists) in Washington's 117-106 Game Two victory over Toronto:

At least we think it's towards Cowherd. That's the whole point of being subtle, after all. If not, we have no idea what the hell it means.

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