Former wrestling star Scott Steiner is not a big fan of Hulk Hogan. The two once worked closely together during their time in WCW and were both members of NWO. But in recent years, Steiner has been extremely critical of Hogan and has even blamed him for helping to "destroy WCW." But did he really just threaten to kill Hogan?

According to Hogan's wife Jennifer, yes. TMZ Sports is reporting that Steiner was on the same plane that she was during a flight to San Jose, Calif. for WrestleMania 31 about two weeks ago. And when the two crossed paths at baggage claim, Jennifer says Steiner stopped her and told her that was going to "kill Terry" (Hogan's real name is Terry Bollea) that weekend when he got into town. Jennifer didn't know who Steiner was. But she called Hogan and he reportedly flew to San Jose immediately to file a police report against Steiner. It has led to a police investigation, and authorities are now trying to decide whether or not to file charges against Steiner for making "felony terrorist threats."

TMZ Sports was able to track Steiner down for a comment about the situation. "Typical Hogan," he told them. "He's just a punk."

But it sounds like this is far from over. We'll be sure to let you know if police decide to press charges against Steiner.

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